Saturday, September 21, 2013


I received a text from a friend taking off to visit family in NC for the next 2 weeks requesting Ruthann not to grow while she was away!  I could not agree more, "Ruthann, NO MORE GROWING!"  I don't believe I have ever been so sappy and sentimental.  I look back a photos take just a week ago and say "look how much smaller she was."  Do they really grow this quickly? 

Another friend asked me today if she has grown out of any outfits yet?  The answer YES! Yes, yes and YES!

So I guess I need to take more photos.  I pulled out some outfits to take pictures of her in tomorrow, if they still fit!  I also am realizing more videos need to be taken!  I don't think it is possible to take too many.  Aaron just upload 175 more photos onto our computer (unfortunately not all of them were of Ruthann). 

So she is 8 weeks old.  Here are a few photos over the course of the last week.  They will have to do.  We need a photo editing program on our computer, so they aren't all the crème de la crème.  Even if we did have an editing program I don't know how people find any time between feedings to actually edit them.  Wow, babies take every moment and all your energy yet you just don't care.  We won't talk about my personal hygiene at this point, or anything else for that matter, I'm exhausted! 

Instead we'll look at adorable photos... here goes: Thanks for admiring her!

I just took this one right before uploading them... Ruthann says "Goodnight!"

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

lady in red

a red diaper that is...

This is a series of photos that I snapped this morning, worrying about the drought of photos I haven't taken these last few days (only 1 or 2 a day, not the usual 20). 

Ruthann thought that it was particularly embarrassing that I took these pictures, and she especially disliked the fact that I chose to post them on-line, especially now that she is a 90th percentile baby.  That is right our very own Ruthann on her 6th week check-in was dubbed in the 90th percentile for weight.  We were so excited to hear the news.  My doctor let me know that in fact I could slow down on the feedings if I wanted (Ruthann disagreed).  After all, she does have a figure to maintain! 

We also consistently have been wearing the cloth diapers.  Her trifolds are her current favorite, however this last few days we've been rotating in the fuzzibuns, (still a little to large for her buns) but we often run out of the trifolds between washings. 

Tune in again on Friday when we feature her 8th week photo... can you believe it!  They grow up so fast! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day

Not much labor on this Labor Day.  We started the morning with a nice ferry ride back from Juneau.  We were in Juneau because Aaron had a training/ weekend retreat there.  It ended with some Lemonade and lounging in the sunshine.  We also said a temporary goodbye to Brandi, who is ferrying down to Ketchican to give away her car, flying home to Minnesota to get married and then moving to Louisiana where her bo is from. We had a nice time visiting in the sunshine.
Coach Smith (the Sitka High CC coach) and her girls with me and Ruthann!
The fam, minus the Puffin... she is off exploring!

Sweet Brandi... we sure do miss you already!
Aaron and his baby girl hangin' out in the front yard!
Ruthann with her daddy!
She isn't the best yet at smiling at the camera.  Here she is in her favorite sweater!
Her favorite booties, made by her soon to be Aunt Katie!

So the last few photos feature her sweater made by her little Grandmother Bradford, and the booties that her Aunt Katie knit.  You can also see how excited Ruthann is about going on a walk, so excited in fact that she decided to fall asleep.  She loves adventure, she just doesn't know it yet!  I put her in  her Baby Bjorn (given to us by Aunt Bird) so I could go on a walk with Annie, a pregnant friend of mine.  Ruthann also is excited about meeting Annie's little one in October and going on adventures of her very own with him/her!