Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1 month down thousands to go!

Happy 1 month birthday Ruthann!!!
AKA - squeakers, baby girl, baby doll, baby, checks, sweetie, cutie pa-too-tee, or sometimes Aaron's Freudian slip sweet pup or sweet puffin!!!
Here is proof that we've made it this far:

Hanging out with mom on my 1 month birthday

monkey face
Super Ruthann

I love my life!
Miraculously we seem to somehow love you more now than we did even just one month ago?!?! We don't quite know what this means 11 months from now but we're excited to find out!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Have you ever tried to take a nap with a baby?  It is a lot like breastfeeding with mastitis, avoid it if at all possible! 

Yesterday, for Ruthann's 4th week birthday I thought I'd give it a try.  I did doze a bit but it was between squeaks and coos and hiccups and purrs.  She might make more noise than Puffin, our snoring dog, when she sleeps.  Though Aaron thought it was the perfect photo opportunity


Friday, August 16, 2013

Life as parents

Happy 3 weeks little Ruthann!  AKA-Squeakers

Ruthann loves to make faces of ALL kinds.  She also LOVES: squeaking, eating milkshake as frequently as she can, snuggling close, dancing to bluegrass music, her swing and bouncer, partying at night, long walks in her baby bjorn, movement of any kind, she loves to go to the bathroom right as you are putting on a new diaper, to be swaddled, her car seat, snuggling with quilts and blankets, being in the middle of the action, hanging out with her grandmas, and wear all the rockin' cool outfits people have given us, particularly her homemade items: baby booties made by her Aunt Katie, a cool sweater made by her Abula Bradford, and her hippy hat given by a friend Candice. 

Ruthann does not love: having her belly rubbed, belly time on her quilts, long breaks between feedings, falling asleep when she is not being feed, her crib or cradle, sitting still or being alone. 

Things we like about being parents: staring at Ruthann for countless hours, snuggling with her, dancing with her, dressing her up in adorable outfits, having people ooo and ahhh over her, watching her look all around, seeing our friends and families support, all the fun non bill mail we've received, the phone calls and delicious meals that have shown up, life slowing down a bit, all that we've already learned, the new responsibilities, seeing all the firsts,

Things that we don't like about being parents:  the sometimes overwhelming learning curve, crazy sleep schedule, mastitis, people not visiting because they think you are busy, missing social events, not being able to go out on dates(people say this will change), feeling more house bound (this already changing), having to time everything perfectly in order to do things, feeling exhausted, early bedtimes, feeling like you have no control,

I leave these last few paragraphs with commas because there is so much else that just isn't coming to mind at this exact moment.  For sure going to the hospital as 2 and coming home as 3 I know I'll never be able to fully wrap my head around.  I know that this has been the hardest and most wonderful experience we've ever had.  We are so overwhelmed by the support and love that we have been shown during these last few weeks.  Ruthann has such a strong support group here in Sitka, thousands of miles away from family, and it is good for our family to know that and it has been such and encouragement to us.  We could not have made it this far without it.  Our life has parents has begun, ready or not...
A beautiful quilt (unfinished due to too much sunshine) made by DEAR friends: Emily, Kristin and Shelley.  All the animals on the quilts have names.  Ex. Hallie the Halibut

Aaron and our neighbor and their newborn (born 8 days after Ruthann).

Ruthann are you hungry?

Snuggling with grandma and fuzzy bunny.

Big yawn in her monkey ballerina outfit... great belly too huh? She is NOT going hungry!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good Australian Birth

When I woke up on July 25th the first words out of my mouth were "Aaron I know this sounds crazy, but I think we are going to have our baby in the next 48 hours!"  It was my due date and after watching, with the world, Princess Kate Middleton deliver 12 days late, how was I planning on actually going into labor on time? 

Sure enough walking down to the pool to go swimming with my friend and one of my favorite nurses, Annie right before noon she had me do an about face returning to the house and ultimately to her car and into the hospital.  "Your mucus plug has passed and you want to go swimming, are you sure your water hasn't broken?, Emily we need to call your doctor and head to the hospital!"  On the way to the hospital she also called Aaron telling him that he should plan on meeting us there, ASAP.  Sure enough in the hospital I was released 1 centimeter dilated, 80% effaced and Dr. Edwards said "see you tonight" as I walked out the door. 

At 8:30 pm, after 2 1/2 hours of active labor at home, I returned to the hospital with my other favorite nurse and birthing companion Shelley Adams and my precious husband.  This time 5 centimeters dilated and in active labor I was about to have a baby!  6 and 1/2 very emotional hours later I was holding baby girl Ruthann Sloan Routon in my arms. 

For me and Aaron it was the perfect delivery.  Everyone in the delivery room was a dream.  I would never want to relive any of it, but all the same it was a perfect miracle.

We delivered at 3:03 the next morning. Here are some of the endless photos we took.  We have more professional ones en route.    So hopefully my next post will include some of those! 

Classic post labor photo...

Ruthann Sloan is so perfect!

Day 1 with Ruthann

Happy grandma

Ready to leave the hospital

Nurse Bec and my amazing Dr., Valerie Edwards

Can you find Ruthann?

Ruthann's first trip outside

What we came home too... thank you Emily, Kristin and Shelley!
First moments at home...

The whole family in the nursery.

Aaron took this photo from our window right before we left for the hospital to labor and deliver sweet baby.

Grandma time in the hospital.

Big yawn with Kristin.

For Aaron's full account of the birth story click on link below: