Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Our new, to us, skiff The Crouton

Fire! Yes, it is still cold here.
Ben kidnapping Emily at Pirate's Cove?

Emily pretending to be a pirate? at Pirates Cove

Me and Kristin hiding from the wind, like our suits? Mustang suits are a must have for AK boating.

Mork, Sam and Kristin at three Entrance Bay

Eeew, I've never wanted to be a boater! Boaters have always reminded me of fraternity boys, something to stay far away from. However this Spring Aaron might have somehow managed to talk me into one.

Now here is some background information on Aaron, he LOVES deals, LOVES them! He wakes up every Saturday morning NO FAIL to hit all of the garage sales in town. And when this boat opportunity presented itself, Aaron spent the better part of 3 months convincing me that we needed THIS particular really good deal boat. He would tell me that he didn't want it for him, but for me because he KNEW how much I needed adventure and this would be another adventure avenue! He mentioned how we could go dip netting for reds this fall and we could go fishing for Kings this summer by the hatchery, we could zip over to Edgecumbe, the volcano, and run it to the top on a pretty day, etc., the list went on and on.

And now for a little background knowledge on me, I am a saver that does not really need anything ever! For example, for a while I didn't think we needed a couch in our living room. And I definitely didn't need a boat, it was crazy, where could I not go that I couldn't get in my kayak? But, somehow in the back of my mind I knew Aaron was right. There were so many places that we couldn't go without a boat without taking a week to paddle to, and this boat could double the number of mountains to climb!

So, the end of the story, we went for it, we bought the skiff, since named The Crouton. And we've loved it. Here are some of our photo gallery.