Saturday, September 6, 2014

busy season

Squeaks giving her "dadda" kisses!
Things haven't slowed down AT ALL in the Routon household this last month.  My first day back at work officially began on the 14th of Aug., the students appeared 1 1/2 weeks later, putting 2 weeks of classes already behind me.

In the meanwhile every Routon (even Puff dog), on a happy note, joined the MEHS Cross Country team (70 kids!) and then, on an unfortunate note, continue to come down with illnesses.  For Ruthann and I its been colds that keep appearing.  For Aaron it was a long week of temperature and chills ending in with prescription for giardia. Squeaks has been adjusting to life again with papa in the morning and at Sydneys and Braydon (our neighbors) in the afternoon.  The transition has been much harder this time for her momma.  Squeaks is endless fun and laughter.  Even when sick she is ALL SMILES ALL THE TIME.  At 13 months she's never gone though a clingy to mom stage and she knows that all people are her best friend.  If we laugh at something she does, she just does it again and again squealing with delight.  She is a charmer to the inth degree.

Recent Milestones:
* She knows 4 words: baby, momma, dadda, and hi
* "Hiiiiii" is her favorite and she always ends it on an up beat, often moving her head up too as she says her hellos
* She is a sassy crawler, moving her hips and smacking her hands as she goes at a quick clip, hello Olympics 2024
* She LOVES standing and can "walk" unassisted if holding onto cabinets and walls
* This girl can sleep!  She went to bed last night at 8pm and is still sleeping now (9:01am), though her napping has been less dependable
* She's also a serious chatterbox, she loves reading to herself, humming as she crawls and makes noise essentially all day long
* She still has no teeth and has started drinking some cow milk during the weekdays
* She is a ferocious eater and likes everything under the sun, especially if it is sweet like roasted carrots and sweet potatoes

Aaron is also working more this year (3/4 time) so our house looks like one with a busy infant all the time.  We are still trying to figure out how to maintain optimal health and to stay active.  Anyone with any advice on the matter?  .... We'll take it!  Time seems as if it has grown wings! No blinking during this busy season.