Saturday, August 18, 2012


8 states, 12 airports, 6 and a half weeks, and 51 dear friends and family later we have finally made it home. Aaron and I are both so grateful for all the memories we made, babies we meet, and people we reconnected with this summer. We didn't take any of it for granted and our only regret that we couldn't do it all (meaning see EVERYONE). We have so much support from so many different places, so THANKS!

 In Oregon with Noelle and Samara, Debbie and Gary!

Macinaw Island in Michigan with our friends Pat and Chantel, we had a lot of fun zipping all over on our  bikes, can you tell?

 In Madison with Joseph, Katie, Bird, Tom, Delia and Cecil... somehow Cecil snuck away to Circus camp before we could photo him!  Below is the crew again at Devil's lake, pup Pepe also joined us for the photo...

 Indianapolis with Stephanie and Dan Dillard... good looking couple!
In my backyard in York, SC with my cousin Anne, her husband Chris, there two kids Mac and Molly, and Uncle Jim and Aunt Libby.

 Music festival in VR with my folks, Melanie, my cousin Julia and her husband Patrick, and Julia's friend Diana.
The crew again at our cabin.
Climbing with Julia.
Playing music at the music festival with my dad.
Me and Aaron at our 2 anniversary date location! 

At Hilton Head with the fam!

Visit my grandma, beautiful lady!

In York, SC visiting with Rachel, Micheal and baby Thomas.