Thursday, April 29, 2010

what's the weather like?

In Sitka we are obsessed with the weather. It is funny because most of the time the weather is the same: cloudy and cool with a light rain. If it weren't the whole world would live here, it is truly indescribable beauty. I had a friend who finally escaped Europe after the volcano eruption who said it was impossible to give the beauty here any justice. Just yesterday the mountains were all glowing in a way I had never seen them glow, this beautiful red color was radiating off the mountains to the southeast and to the northwest the sunset was rippling across the ocean in a million and one colors with a snow peeked volcanoe as the back drop. So the purpose of this posts isn't to brag about Sitka's beauty but to decribe how different I have climatized here.

So when the sun comes to Sitka, the town refuses to be indoors. Never would you ever sit inside on a sunny day, it just doesn't happen, only for those unfortunate workers trying to make a living, and a handful of those call in sick, sun days as opposed to snow days have been brought to school board meetings several times. So this week in Sitka, the weather took a turn for summer, it was in the upper fifties, sunny and beautiful. With this heat wave on Tuesday I hit the trail, excited to be wearing a cotton t-shirt. However right after I headed out the door I noticed that my run was almost unbearably warm. I felt much like a puffy marshmallow and swollen all over. My south carolina childhood almost seemed like a dream than a reality. How did I ever believe that I used to live a life where 5_ was a cool day? And Wednesday, after my run I also found myself putting on sandals to bike to work when the temperature gage still read 47 degrees. So weather is relative. What once was winter is now a warm summer day.

Today again unfortunately our weather turned cold and windy. Not that that kept me from my run, in fact I felt much stronger. I carved off 3 1/2 minutes from my balmy Tuesday run.