Tuesday, March 6, 2012

shredding the pow

Sunday's Adventures

Maybe in some parts of the country Spring is coming, but here in Sitka we are still in a white winter wonderland. Last Thursday when I woke up and looked out my window, not only was I greeted with fresh snow, but also by my husband snowboarding down our street. He wanted to try our his new board he said, "nothing like shredding the pow pow before a day of work."

This Sunday when we woke up to another whiteout and fresh base we knew it meant we needed another full day on the mnt., so out we went with 7 of our closest friends (Amber, Arther, Matt, Brian (the featured skier above), Sam (the abominable snowman above), Kristin, and Fae. Boy what a day it was, from sun up to sun down we were making fresh powder runs.

As I type the snow is still coming down... who knows what this weekend will bring!