Sunday, July 26, 2009

virginia - the 10th state

Okay Emily, you are coming home for 6 days, skip seeing your friends and your childhood home and lets take a 3 day road trip to Virginia.

Hmmmm... "okay"

So this past weekend I was on the road (WEIRD, we have only 14 miles of roads in Sitka) up to western Virginia, almost as remote as Alaska. No chains, cell phone reception, more trees than people, lots of rain (WE GOT A THUNDERSTORM), rivers, wild animals jumping out right and left, and genuine people.

Main differences: dialect and people in VR know how to jam

Highlights on the trip:

1. Joseph's mustache, he can now be a true Bradford

2. Quality family time. I was able to see Julia, my cousin, for the first time since my move to AK, depressing thought I know, and Joseph who was working at a summer camp, bizarre. Joseph doesn't work at camp, the economy must be bad or something! I spent each year he was in college recruiting for him to do just that and I was always ignored. Plus manya hour in the ol' Prius with the folks

2. OLD TIME MUSIC! Musicians galore... what a treat, they were everywhere, young/old/talented/ and terrible...

3. the drive, BEAUTIFUL, the east coast has got some treasures... old churches, tin roofs, farmland further than the eye can see, cows, horses, more old churches

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Unalakleet... bible camp...

Fabulous experience! 2 weeks, 2 am bedtimes, lots of caribou and herring eggs to eat, no darkness, sea ice, camp songs, hikes in the rolling tundra, races up to the old muskox farm, mosquitoes... I do not think that it could get any better, okay minus the mosquitoes