Sunday, May 1, 2011

husbandless, a poem

busy season?!

I guess Spring is the busy season,

at least it seems so for my husband!

who is a committed member of the Sitka high track coaching staff:

jumping coach,

8th season!

(His attention span is obviously longer than mine)

Last weekend he flew out to Ketchican for a track meet.

Right now he is in Juneau,

he ferried out on Wednesday afternoon
and I think he gets back today (it is Sunday),

it's hard to keep the dates straight,
cus' next weekend I'll do it again...

when the team ferries to Haines

and then the weekend after that when the teams is in Juneau for regions,
the dates and times tend to get all fuzzy after all that shuffle

Yes, Spring is the busy season,

at least for my husband!

He will miss Fairbanks for state
because the day after he gets back from regions
has to boat out to Biorka
he'll be there for work for 10 days

to teach school
in a little cedar schoolhouse.

Absolutely, Spring is the busiest season,

at least for one person whom I happen to know pretty well.