Thursday, June 18, 2009


Two terrible things happened to me yesterday, and I haven't decided which is worse. I had just arrived in Juneau after 2 weeks 10 miles upriver from Unalakleet, AK. I jumped on the bus to meet up with Em, my roommate, who happened to be passing through and had a yummy breakfast with her and her family. Afterward I jumped on the bus to return to the apartment where I will be staying for the next few weeks. Once inside I grabbed my toothbrush and begin to brush. My mom always gives me this fabulous toothbrush, the colgate 360, if you haven't tried it you need to, life changing this toothbrush...

Well I am brushing, with the 360, of coarse, and realize that the color isn't the shade that I remember it, it is an unusual shade of orange, hmm, my toothbrush isn't orange, it is green. I run to my room and look in my suitcase. Pick up my toothbrush holder, inside a green toothbrush. Gross. Yes, for an undetermined amount of time I had been using someone elses toothbrush... great,

Right about the same time in walks Jodi, a classmate, asking me if I wanted to go pick up my student id, I run to get my wallet, no wallet. I turn the apartment upside down, no wallet, refold all my clothes and move all the furniture around, no wallet. I am glad yesterday is over.