Sunday, May 23, 2010

water, whales and dreams

Before moving to Sitka I was a mountain girl all the way. I loved snowboarding, hiking, trails, the way the blue glow shined as the sun came up and went down across the the Blue Ridge Mountains. I loved having something painted the foreground while I biked along the blue ridge parkway, I loved the leaves changing in the fall and I loved the music that came from the mountains.

Since moving to Sitka I have realized that I am just as much a water girl. I love swimming and paddling and I love hearing the whales sing their songs. This past winter I made the best purchase since my arrival in Sitka, a kayak. I bought a 20 foot expedition boat. Since the purchase of Whale Song (it's name) it has taken me to remote forest service cabins and on quick day trips to remote sunny beaches where I sit and watch the seals and otters come alive. This week it will take it first multi night adventure to our resident volcano on an adjacent island.

On my kayak's maiden voyage I took my new kayak out with dozens of humpbacks spraying swimming alongside my boat. Now in this summer season I feel a since of loss without the whales here. Spring and fall and even winter the humpbacks are very active and I watch them feed along the coast and hear them sing from atop mountains but in the summer the whale activity is low.

Since their departure I have kept the whales with me in my dreams. I dream about kill whales and humpbacks. I dream about giant Orca pods arriving in town and men and Orcas falling in love. The water has become a part of my blood just as much as the mountains have stolen my heart.