Tuesday, March 29, 2011

domestic adventures

While our friends are out climbing mountains this week Aaron and I have been involved in another sort of adventure, which Aaron calls "domestic adventures."

*Yesterday our focus was the bathroom, notice the new dark hue
*today Aaron ripped out a wall, I painted the spare bedroom cornmeal, prepped for painting the office and painted the medicine cabinet
*tomorrow... oh the list goes on!

Our new brown bathroom:

This is our before photo:

More photos to come...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wedding photos

A year ago today Aaron proposed. He was coming back from a 9 day stint on Biorka, where he goes to teach English every 6 weeks for 9 days at a time for a drug and alcohol treatment center called Raven's Way. Silly me, I thought we were just going for a hike! I guess looking back on it I should have known, the 3 long stem roses and spouts of poetry was a bit more than usual, even for romantic Aaron. And after beautiful afternoon on the mountain I found Aaron on one knee with a beautiful ring in hand. Directly after the proposal, still atop Verstovia, I received a phone call with word Bird, Tom, Emmett, Delia and Cecil (my aunt, uncle and cousins) were in Ketchikan and would be in Sitka in an hour, surprise! We thought they were arriving the next day!

Because the idea of marriage was still new and scary I didn't think I was quite ready to agree to a lifetime of marital bless, so I didn't say yes immediately. In the typical Emily fashion I had to have some time to "freak out". This "freak out" unlike many previous "freak outs" consisted of prayers galore, sermons, and a few conversations with friends and mentors.

Thankfully I did come to my senses. The day before Easter I picked him up from the airport and told him that if he would still have me, I'd love to be his wife.

Since the proposal my blogging may have diminished but my livelihood has skyrocketed. Marriage, thank goodness, is the life for me!

Here are a small fraction of the millions of beautiful photos that appeared from the event. The big step that I went for, thank goodness! Enjoy the photos!