Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter parsel

My mom said I was getting an Easter parsel in the mail, and today it came.  Inside contained many fun surprises, my 1st Easter dress and slippers being one of them (I will be sure to include a photo of Ruthann in them soon), but my absolute favorite gift was a framed picture of me in that exact outfit 30 years ago.  "It's Ruthann," fell out of my mouth as I pulled the frame out of the box.  It was wild to look at a picture of me and see nothing but Ruthann.  So tonight, and Aaron would say every night, after I put Swishy Snugly Squeaks down, I went straight to the computer clicking through more pics of her.  Aaron often laughs at me at night as I walk out of her room after putting her down knowing what I am going to say, "want to go look at pictures of Ruthann?" somehow, I never seem to be able to get enough. 
See what I mean!
Who's says you can't be social and have a baby... here 2 families in action!
I love you guys!! 
Ruthann saying goodbye to her buddy Livi, who is 3 months younger, we miss you Livi!
MEHS 2010 graduate NATALIE ACTIVE was in town! 
Ruthann standing on her favorite person in the whole wide world, no use trying to deny it, nobody makes her smile more!
Checking out the herring fishery, RA will appreciate it some day.
This is where Aaron and I were MARRIED, Castle Hill 2010, reliving the moment with sweetheart RA.  Notice, she is rocking SHORTS.  Spring has arrived!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

sleeping beauty

So I can't receive pictures on my phone.  What a blessing.... I can't imagine what work would be like if I was sent this picture of sweet Ruthann in the middle of class.  I think I would have to pack up and call it a day.