Sunday, October 23, 2011


Brandon as the game Operation.

Aaron was overboard and I was on fire!
Amber was Oriental and Arther made an amazing Oreo costume.

Ohio and Oscar the grench.

One of the most memorable parties of all times, for me, was in Asheville, NC right before a good friend moved to Oregon for grad school. In her honor an "O" party was thrown. Everyone was asked to dress in costumes beginning with the letter O.

The party was an amazing success! People went above and beyond with their costumes, and in fact, the party was so impressionable for me, I have always wanted to throw an O party of my own. So, finally 4 1/2 years later I did. This time the reason for the occasion was October, not someone moving, so their was no element of sadness just a fun filled evening of enjoying everyone's creative costumes. Just like "O" party #1 the costumes were dynamite.

Here are some photos: unfortunately, many of the amazing costumes were not properly documented!

Those costumes included: oragami, oragami paper crane, and an owl.