Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter has arrived!

Well the Routons have been ON THE GO these days with sunshine and snow as our fuel.  We've been patiently awaiting ALL winter for winter weather and boy are we glad it arrived!  The last few weeks the snow has been piling high!  Yesterday, Aaron took 6 MEHS boys up the hill snowboarding and they made a memory of a lifetime, last weekend we took Ruthann on her FIRST ever boat ride and overnighted at a cabin with some friends.  Aaron and I also took a nice long x-country ski!  Today after church this momma is blasting up a hill for some vitamin d and to meet her snow and fresh air quota.  So movement has been our middle name.  Here are some pics to prove it:

Before the snow came we got a few nice bike rides in with Ruthann with the nice bike trailer grandma and grandpa Routon got for us.  Ruthann didn't necessarily LOVE being in the trailer, but it might have been because it was 20 degrees outside.  Babies are tough! Notice all the folks in the background skating on the lake~
This is at our friend Annie's birthday party at a cabin at the end of the road, her baby girl, Livi, and baby Carolina had their first hang out time all together, not too much fun now, but in 5 years they are going to have a BLAST!
The dads!
I had been waiting for this day for months... the first x-country ski of the year, it was everything I had imagined.  Thanks grandpa Hughey and auntie Carol for making this possible!
Aaron taking a selfie
Here is Ruthann at the cabin we boated too.  This was our 2nd annual cabin trip and Ruthann's second year in attendance!
Ruthann LOVED being in the boat!  Loved it!
Aaron's birthday this year was a FLOP, Puffin disappeared on our run and Ruthann choked.  Thank goodness for a 1:30am bark outside our door, Puffin found her home!   
This is Ruthann's look these days, the protruding lower lip, it use to come out only occasionally but now it is her standard.
Here we find Lucas and Ruthann playing.  Thanks Lucas for being such a good friend to Ruthann!
The MEHS gang! 
 again on top of the hill...
and here is the aftermath!  They all survived and were in good spirits, ready for more next week ;)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

jowls and smiles

For all the Ruthann fans out there this is not a sequence to be missed!!!!  Ruthann a.k.a. Squeaks, Squirrely or Squeakers is not stingy with her smiles these days.  And after a few days of sweet potato eating feasts, she isn't lacking in the cheek department either.  This series of photos was taken by her father one morning when I left for work.