Sunday, March 10, 2013

pregnancy = barefoot in the kitchen


We are officially 20 weeks into pregnancy #1..., only 4 more to go after this according to Aaron, enough for a basketball team!  I'm feeling great, the weather has been co-operating so the adventure factor has been high, therefor the need for nutrients has been growing.

My first trimester of pregnancy I tried to be the fruits and vegetables guru of the world.  I had menu planning down and Aaron and I were official health fanatics.  Then I realized that I was human, busy and menu planning turned back into grab and go, one week Aaron innocently said "he was sick of bread"

Meaning: we were failing in the food department again.

Recently we've been re-inspired, maybe it is our inspirational baking friend David who makes avocado chocolate cake, maybe it is my new favorite food blog, or my tirelessly cooking blogging friend Jeannie and her sister, or the recipes my Aunt Bird sends me snail mail.  Whatever it is Aaron's belly has been grateful for my new inspiration, and so has "baby bump" Routon, who according to the ultrasound from yesterday is 11 ounces, the length of a banana and in the 45th percentile for weight!

This is what we had this morning...
 Scrambled Egg Tartines with Spiced Rainbow Chard
We used Aaron's homemade garlic herb bread for the base.
  It reminded my of my favorite Brunch spot in Asheville, NC, Sunny Point, except for no line!  Isn't Aaron happy eating it!  Too bad for Puffin, she's only allowed dog food!

 Brunch has been a favorite these days... here you find rainbow potatoes and slow pan fried scrambled eggs... Delish!
I included my two new favorite veggies in this meal 1) cauliflower, which I just roasted in the oven 2) kale, in this case I pureed it and then sprinkled a little goat cheese on top for a yummy, super easy dinner!
More fun with cauliflower...and kale actually! :)

And what might one do with all of these ingredients?
Why, make raw brownies of coarse!
I have included my uncle Tom's recipe because this is too delicious just to look at.
 He introduced us to them this summer in their home in Madison, when my Aunt Bird was on a crazy fruit, nut and vegetable diet, though we reaped the benefits with this recipe find!
1c. of nuts (I used walnuts and almonds because that is what I had)
1c. dates
1/4c. raw cocoa powder
1 teas. of vanilla
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
sea salt
Put in food processor and eat!

And now we present to you "baby" Routon...
  Who I think sure looks a lot like "dad!"
Here is the best of 12 photos we took on the official week 20 mark, I apparently am not able to take photos well these days!