Wednesday, October 31, 2012

...Here's to friends!

Hooray I found my missing camera, uploaded loads of photos and now I am ready to post the post I've been wanting to post for weeks.... I and this one features the amazing friends I have come to know these past 5 years: 

My first year here I became FASCINATED by not only ALASKA itself but by ALASKANS.  I also discovered blogs...

How is this all related to friends, well it is and it isn't, we'll get there just hold your horses... 

The blogs I followed my first year here in Sitka were blogs of teachers from "up north." For all my non Alaskan readers, "up north" refers to interior Alaska and "down south" or "the lower 48" is the rest of the US.  As I followed these numerous blogs I was intrigued, I wondered oh so much if I could live in a village "up north," so I followed their lives, for awhile I was obsessed. 

When I talked to my mom about it, she had a clear answer for me, "No! Emily, you are much to social to live in a village!"  I don't even know if she really understood the cultural or weather extremes of living in a place like Chevak or Emmonak, but she knew they were small and she knew that they were isolated, both of which in her eyes, were huge red flags!

So... this past month I entered into my 4th decade.  To celebrate Aaron and I invited as many friends as would fit into our house to celebrate.

All night I looked around at the extraordinary people that surrounded me as I entered my 30th year.  It felt so good to be enveloped by a house full of friends.  Here are the pictures from the experience, a step back in time to 1912 on a boat in the Atlantic sailing toward England... a murder mystery party!

 Your right mom, Sitka is a much better fit!