Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome Home

Well it has been a summer and now it is becoming a fall.

This all became official last week when Aaron and I returned from our HONEYMOON in Victoria, BC and jumped right into work. Currently I am employed at Mount Edgecumbe High school, a boarding school for students all over the state. 90% + of those students are Alaska native and they come from small villages all over the state. My job at the school is to be a recreation coordinator. This consists of planning activities for these students to participate in and then leading them in the activity. It actually doesn't seem like work at all. I hang out with some of the kindest high schoolers in the country and take them out into the wilderness.

This summer was a whirlwind. I was in a huge push to finish my grad program! Which I did!!! And if that wasn't enough I planned a wedding. I also moved, twice, and hosted 36 friends and family here in Sitka for a week. All of these things were wonderful, well minus the grad school, but now I am glad things are settling down. Today I spent the morning picking huckleberries and catching up on errands. It is good to be home.