Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just the 4 of us

Well the past few Sitka weekends have been AMAZING, spring has finally arrived, at least for now until it snows again.  Today it is 50 degrees and sunny.  To put that in perspective to our down south family and friends the equivalent is 75 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze, warm but not hot, and refreshing.  Both of the last 2 weekends Aaron has found himself in a place where he can take off his shirt and soak in the sun.  Maybe a little too soon for me, but I am hopeful.  Today it was a warm sunny beach off a small island northwest of town, where neither Aaron or I had ever been.  Last weekend it was on the tip top of Gaven hill (Mnt.) snowshoeing.

 Above: Puffin's first day at sea (in our kayak, she's been on the skiff), below: one soggy dog!

On both of these excursions we brought our growing family, in the past 6 months we have doubled in numbers!  (Not in weight however, Puffin is right at 26# and baby just a pound and a half!)  Today the four of us were particularly adorable in our double kayak.  We didn't know how Puffin would take it, not being much of a water dog and being placed in the the center console.  Right before we landed on our island she accidentally fell out.  She swam for a while before Aaron scooped her out by her collar.  It was really cute and she handled the whole situation better than we had expected.  And boy did she like scoping out the island.  Every 5 or 10 minutes she would come back to make sure we were still around and then she'd trot off to do more exploring.  We didn't know if we'd get her back in the boat, but she loves us too much to be left behind so she begrudgingly (Aaron had to pick her up and place her back in) joined us back in the boat for the paddle home.  

Aaron and Puff, Puff is a much happier dog in the snow than on the water!
And I'm pretty happy in the snow too, maybe more so than Puff

I love my husband
...and Puffin "butterscotch" Routon!