Tuesday, March 18, 2014

8 months

 So much is changing with Ruthann lately!  She can't walk, isn't crawling but she is entertaining us like crazy these days... here is some of the latest and greatest from this past week:

play time .... kiss attack, they happen regularly!

Here is R.A. just this morning, she was playing with a package that she got in the mail!
dive bomb, to the left, we never know when they are coming!


"oh mom"

Hooray for our family back home in Carolina... this little piggy came from Carolina yesterday!  Thank you Auntie Libby!
1) memecing sounds, uuuunah is her favorite 2) clapping her hands 3) dive bombing to her left side, this always comes out of nowhere 4) she has discovered her vocal cords 5) shaking her head nooooo crazy fast 6) change in taste buds, before she loved avocado, not anymore, which is good from a financial standpoint especially since she wants... bananas, steamed carrots and dried cranberries! This week we are going to try to remember not to maridade our salmon so she can join us in weekly wild alaskan salmon consumption!  

I LOVE sitting and watching her learn, explore, and absorb information from everything around her!  Go Ruthann!  Happy 8th month next week!  Stay tuned!