Saturday, October 3, 2009

Middle School Cross Country

Middle School Hmmm.... Would you go back?

When I was a middle schooler my dream was to be either a camp counselor or a CC coach when I grew up. Well I've done the camp counselor thing for many a summer, but never had I ever been an official CC coach before...

until now,

When I was asked I couldn't turn it down.

Middle School Cross Country isn't too different from High School Cross Country, just they have even more energy, if you can imagine, and the boys are quite a bit shorter.

We had 40 kids come out for the 2009 Blatchley Middle School season, it was the cool thing to do this year. And considering the school only has 300 kids, I now know 1/6th of the students. It was my first official coaching position and a LOT of fun. I couldn't believe that I actually liked middle schoolers, it was something I had avoided for the last 13 years of my life.

On Thursday we traveled to Juneau for our first and last meet of the season. Out of the 100 kids racing 9 students were from Sitka. We walked away with 1 first place overall and 2 first places for the 7th grade category. We also had another 3rd place overall, not bad for the underdogs. Unfortunately for us they did not keep team scores because it was a definite that the Sitka boys beat both Juneau schools, pretty embarrassing considering both schools are twice as large.

Overall coaching and middle school was better than I had envisioned. I am already looking forward to the 2010 season!