Saturday, May 10, 2014

Schools out for SUMMER...

Now I get to hang out with my baby girl ALL THE TIME!  Though I'll miss my MEHS girls! Here's some pics that emcompass all that has been going on in our life these past few months... Young Life Breakfast is booming, people are now official scared to cook for us... so we had our last breakfast of the year at our house with 2 additional cooks called in for reinforcements.  Ruthann also has a fan club at school during lunch you'll notice a slew of kids hanging out in my room, all because they've fallen madly in love with Ruthann.... it's hard not to! We were also privileged to host Larissa Flynn's folks this past week Ben and Natalia from Chifornak and her cousin Kira from Toksusk Bay, currently in Anchorage at UAA, for the week.  It was a delight to experience graduation through their eyes!  More pictures from their trip to come!


Who is Who?  One of these picture is Ruthann and the other is Ruthann's MOM! Both wearing the EXACT same dress and shoes, perfectly posed with a bunny!  My picture was taken at 6 months, Ruthann's was at 9 months!

Ruthann partying... She's a WILD and crazy little jumbo baby!

My MEHS daughter, Larissa, her folks came and stayed with us this week, all the way from Chifornak, more pics to come! I MISS YOU LARISSA!
Here are the SENIORS YL girls... THE BEST EVER!  Thanks for 4 INCREDIBLE YEARS! From Left: Kayleen "Smiley" (Kotlic), Karina (Manakoyak), Denea (Unalakleet), Claudia (Anchorage), Dolena "NeNe" (Bethel), and Larissa (Chefornak)
All of my girls, our Young Life breakfast crew!  19 girls, all fabulous and regulars!  These crazy ladies come each breakfast each Friday at 6:30 am. 

Here is Ruthanns lunchtime fanclub.  From left: "Miel" "Sonrisa" "Alicia" "Preciosa" "Valeria" aka Ruthann, Senora Routon y "Catalina"... These girls also happened in by in my Spanish 2 class which was after lunch.  Ruthann misses them all already!