Wednesday, October 22, 2014

life these days

So the Routon's have entered into a new stage including new kinds of fun...  Our days are mostly full of survival training.  Do we have food in our pantry? Veggies in the fridge? Clean clothes in our closets? Gas in our cars? Sleep?  Forget luxuries like naps, free time, activities after 7 pm, we have a 15 month old.

And although life is full, I can say with 100% honesty, it has never been better.  Aaron and I never seem to lack enthusiam or excitement for our days ahead and we don't take them for granted either. Squeaks is now on the move.  1 1/2 weeks ago in the gym in front of a stadium full of admirers she officially started walking.  I missed it, but my students made sure to let me know it happened.  It occurred right when I passed her onto her dad so I could head back to my classroom for Spanish 2.  When the bell rang my students piled in eager voices shouting "Mrs. Routon, Mrs. Routon you missed it, Squeakers started walking!" "Don't worry Mrs. Routon Aaron got a video."  "No, he only got a few seconds Mrs. Routon, it took him awhile to get out his phone." Well Aaron didn't even get a few seconds recorded on video b/c he hadn't really pressed record.  I was heartbroken to miss this monumental occasion, her first substantial trek.  Since then she hasn't looked back.  She is walking, and she also now has her first tooth. 

Other news is less exciting, I had a birthday and got a year older.  Below is a picture of the outing.  We were supposed to go up a hill, but because of soggy and windier weather than normal and a crew of sick folks we took a leisurely river hike.  We left Squeaks behind with a baby sitter, something we are becoming more and more familiar with.  

Also, just recently we have sadly had to said goodbye to a dear friend.  We had a nice send off for him, and then put him on the ferry the next day.  Patrick, a.k.a. Fowler (his last name) has moved to Petersburg.  Petersburg is a neighboring community in southeast Alaska, but for us to visit it requires an Alaskan Airline flight and then a ferry or another flight into Petersburg.

We are also already more than 1/2 way finished with the 1st semester.  My students are absolutely incredible.  I enjoy each moment with them.  Friday morning Young Life breakfasts have been up and running this past month, and we have a regular crew of girls that come for breakfast each week.  Squeaks LOVES attending because she is smothered with love and affection!

Also below is an disproportionately large number of pictures of Squeaks, angel baby of the universe (like any smitten momma would say).  Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to read what is going on in ours...

Squeaks does cry after all, rarely but it happens, here she is right after giving her teething meds, she's better now.
But mainly all smiles for this happy easy-going baby!

Squeaks LOVES music and you'll often see her tapping her foot or shaking her head to the music.
She also enjoys books and loves her most favorite very tolerant puppy dog...

Fowler is featured on the far left.
Us putting Fowler on the ferry.
YL girls breakfast!


Micah and Marla said...

Emily, I truly enjoy all of your updates...just don't comment enough for you to know I actually read them all :) Squeaks is adorable and we ALL wish we lived closer to share more of each others lives. Love you guys!!! Marla

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