Monday, August 11, 2014

photo session

naked time
A mostly clean face, it's a miracle!
Puffin lick attack, these happen all the time at our house, fortunately RA LOVES it!
Another one of RAs loves, MUSIC, here she's on the xylophone... the jembe... (though my favorite thing about this photo is the thunder thighs)
... and last but not least the shaker egg.
Now it's time to walk around the house in my wheely cart.
Got to love these gummy smiles!
Here's another.
Here you see her wave good-bye right before she takes off around the corner.
I get this smirk all the time. 
Moving on to books.  Here she is reading one of her favorites. 

1 comment:

Delia said...

SHE IS SO DARN CUTE I can't really stand it.